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Welcome to the official Tumblr page for the Egg Harbor Twp. High School Key Club in Division 1B of the mighty New Jersey District!

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We Own the Night - The Wanted
Do you make keys?

Yes we make keys that unlock the doors of the future leaders of the community and world :)

do you have a size small crew neck?

No Sorry we’ve run out of crew necks. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

47 unique designs to choose from!

Yuda Bands sales will begin at EHTHS this upcoming monday January 13th, in the EHTHS commons area during First and Second Lunches! This sale will be going on until January 25th. Each band is handmade, is $7, and all proceed will be going to Ana’s and Christian’s scholarship for education (books, uniforms, transportation, etc) please support them in buying these cute Yuda Bands.

Friday, January 3, 2014

EHTHS joins the Yuda Band Project



EHTHS Key Club is joining the Yuda Band Revolution this January! At lunch, starting on January 13th to January 24th we will be selling these coconut bracelets to Support

Cristian Ajbal:


Ana Lool 

to get a good education! EHTHS Key Club has a goal of selling 375 of these bracelets to support these two. These handmade bracelets are $7 dollars a piece! Please spread the word and encourage your friends to buy. Key Club is but one club within our school, if everyone could get involved, NHS, Interact, FBLA, FCCLA, etc. With over 2,000 students and teachers in our school, i’m sure with everyone’s support we can sell all 375 and maybe order more to support a third student! This is open to the whole community of EHT, so if your church, club, or other organization would like to help out please message me!

Key Club Holiday Circle 2013

"This past December we recently held our annual holiday event for the children of our community! The widely acknowledged Holiday Circle was held on December 14, 2013 this year, and it was at the Davenport Elementary School during the morning. This event was successful once again due to the wonderful Key Clubbers who took time out of their Saturday morning’s to volunteer for the event. The children who came to our event had a splendid and joyful time to play around and celebrate the holiday season! Holiday Circle this year had many holiday themed events that the children enjoyed very much! There was face-painting, tattoos, and arts and crafts, where children were able to show off their creative side. We also had loom bracelet making, ping pong spoon race, musical chairs, and many other activities, where the children were able to just enjoy themselves during this holiday season. At the end, everyone was able to eat with all the foods and drinks donated or bought by our fellow Key Clubbers. A big shout out goes out to all the Key Clubbers who were able to attend the event and also to those who could not make the event but donated to the event! Thank you for all the support that we received for this event, and we hope that next year’s Major Emphasis/Advocacy committee can create a magnificent Holiday Circle for 2014!"

- Kenneth Ye, Officer Committee Chair of Major Emphasis/Advocacy Committee

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